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Urodynamic Systems

MEDICA SPA: A global solution provider in the medical industry, with a straight vertical integration from R&D to manufacturing of medical equipment and disposables.

  • Wireless Uroflowmetry with BLUETOOTH® protocol
  • Low power consumption
  • Band 2402-2480 MHz
  • Max. Operative distance 50 m. (in open space)
  • Micro-receiver for any USB port
  • Compatible with any Laptop or Desk Top
  • Software included

Pico Flow2 is a double-channel Uroflow meter for Electromyography examinations of the Pelvic Floor. Pico Flow2 is especially designed for urodynamic examinations in paediatric and gynaecology departments and whenever one chooses to perform a non-invasive urodynamic examination.

PICO® SMART is based on an advanced acquisition board called SAU that offers new advanced capabilities. It can either be based on one trolley (all-in-one system) or upon 2 units connected by a wireless device (option). The pressure channels are compatible both with external transducer for water perfused catheters and solid-state catheters like those manufactured by Unisensor, Gaeltec, Millar and others. The easy accessibility to the channels allows the operator to change the kind of transducers according to the need of the study.

Urodynamic Catheters

A full range of line, catheters and any kind of tubing set for the urodynamic investigation

  • Catheters for Pressure Flow Study
  • Catheters for Cystometry
  • Catheters for abdominal pressure measurement
  • Catheters for urethral pressure profile