Therma Forced-Air Warming System

The Best Choice for Body Temperature Management to Compete Hypothermia

Technical specifications available as options in our range of models

  • Product Name: Therma STM-01, STM-02, STM-03.
  • Weight: 5.8KG
  • Hepa Filter: 0.2 µm 1000Hr. High-efficency Filter
  • Operating Temperature: 32-46º in Steps on 1º
  • Dual Fan Speed: 32CFM & 48 CFM
  • Power Failure Alarms: Over & Under Temperature, Hose Disconnection.
  • Control System Failure, Filter Change
  • Heating Element: 6 Block
  • Temperature Control: Micro Processor
  • Certification: EuCe, EC60601, EC60601-2
  • Customization: We provide customized settings for temperature and fan speed

Underbody Warming Blankets

  • Pediatric Underbody: 91cm x 80cm
  • Large Pediatric Underbody: 152cm x 81cm
  • Adult Underbody: 215cm x 120cm
  • Spinal Underbody: 180cm x 100cm
  • Lithotomy Underbody: 160cm x 100cm
  • Full Access Underbody: 215cm x 120cm

Intraoperative Warming Blankets

  • Upper Body: 195cm x 80cm
  • XL Upper Body: 215cm x 80cm
  • Lower Body: 142cm x 100 cm
  • Torso: 133cm x 100cm
  • Dual Port Torso: 133cm x 100cm

Pediatric Warming Blankets

  • Small Lower Body: 133cm x 78cm
  • Pediatric Underbody: 180cm x 100cm
  • Pediatric Long: 200cm x 20cm
  • Pediatric Underbody: 91cm x 80cm
  • Postoperative Pediatric Full Body: 170cm x 100cm

PACU Warming Blankets

  • Full Body: 210cm x 120cm
  • Chest Access: 180cm x 100cm
  • Postoperative Paediatric Full Body: 170cm x 100cm
  • Multi-Access: 210cm x 120cm

Other Warming Blankets

  • Preoperative & Outpatient: 210cm x 120cm
  • Preoperative & Outpatient: 210cm x 120cm
  • Cath Lab: 320cm x 23cm
  • Surgical Access: 210cm x 120cm
  • Full Body Surgical: 210cm x 120cm
  • Cardiac: 270cm x 23 cm


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