Anaesthesia and Critical Care

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Sterilization Equipment

SANIVAP: Their appliances are a solution to the difficulties encountered in certain cleaning operations of complex medical instruments, whilst obeying the sterilization protocols. Specific accessories ensure the efficiency of the steam cleaning, in particular for areas that are difficult to reach, including cannulas, hollows, cavities and reamers.

DVT Prevention

DOCTUS: System is composed of a controller which can operate and control all the functions of the system and Air Cuffs fitted around each of your legs or feet according to the symptom. The main body has two modes of DVT propilaxis, edema treatment. Each mode is designed to operate easily through the automatic air cuff sensory equipment.

Vein Viewers

IISM: Vein finder adopts the latest vein visualization technology and the unique digital image processing system, it can accurately obtain the real-time two-dimensional image data of veins, which can aid healthcare professionals in finding a good vein for venepuncture and highly increase the patients’ satisfaction.

Syringe Pumps

ENMIND: EN-S7 Smart Syringe Pump:4.3-inch colour touch screen parameter setting and editing directly on touch screen7 Infusion modes + Micro mode + Relay mode.

Other notable features include Alarm volume, brightness adjustable, history record more than 5000 logsIrDA, WIFI, nurse call, RS232, data export, 12 hours battery backup time, IP24 waterproof & Stackable.

NHFT Systems

WILAmed: With nasal oxygen insufflation, heated breathing gas is administered at a high flow rate via specially developed nasal cannulas. This form of oxygen supply is called nasal high-flow oxygen therapy (NHFOT).