The new products that could be used in public spaces has UV lights that are aimed at eliminating viruses like COVID-19.
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UVGI System for Air Handling Units of HVAC for Power Savings and Indoor Air Quality.

  • A solution for improving Indoor Air Quality & power saving
  • Arklite UV lamp mounted on Aluminium reflector arrangement
  • Custom designed electronic control gear, providing constant UV output.
  • Aluminum Mounting Assembly

Duct Zapper

A device mounted in ducts & hoods for air purification & stench removal.

A UVGI System mounted in Ducts and Kitchen Hoods for the purpose of eliminating bad odors. Widely use in Kitchen Exhaust, Toilet Exhaust, Sewage Treatment Plant.

Features & Benefits

  • Stench removal.
  • Air Purification.
  • Controller.

VRF-Oz Shield (combination of Duct Zapper & Ozone control)

Fresh ozone solution for VRF System.

In a VRF system of central AC unit, a controlled amount of ozone is generated at the entrance of fresh air intake duct. This is done by passing the intake air over a bank of ozone forming UV lamps.The ozone bearing fresh air is delivered with each of the VRF cooling coil. Thus a controlled injection of ozone improves IAQ by oxidation of VOCs and reduces the requirement of fresh air, leading to improvement in the overall energy efficiency of the AC system.



A device installed inside fan cooling unit.

Device installed inside the Fan Cooling Unit (FCU) to provide better IAQ and reduce the maintenance of coil. Ideally suited for Hotels.

Features & Benefits

  • System improves IAQ by sterilizing air
  • Keeps cooling coils of HVAC clean.
  • Reduces cleaning costs
  • Suppress the spread of microorganisms (Bacteria, virus, molds, fungi)

Aero Pro

A wall mounted unit for Air Disinfection / odor removal.

Aero Pro is wall mounted unit which can be used in any room or toilet to improve IAQ / odor control. Aero Pro primarily consists of a UV lamp and a blower to circulate the air over the UV lamp to destroy bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi.


The Sterabox is designed to sanitize objects before bringing them into the office, home or factory. It can be used to sanitize goods, luggage, groceries, spares etc.

The UV BOX has a powerful 70 watts systems with pre programmed modes that selected for optimum time and under 360 Degree UV dosage.


UV Wand is a portable surface sanitiser that can be used to effect up to 99% reduction of various microbes including SAR viruses and TB bacteria on surfaces.

The UV Wand should be held within 6 inches of the surface to be treatedand then turned on. The UV Wand should be moved slowly over the entire surface providing sufficient exposure time.


UV Rakshak is a UVGI based stand alone system designed to prevent airborne infection against pathogen such as Tuberculosis.

UV Rakshak is designed and installed to irradiate only air on the upper part of room by installation on the wall near the ceiling. It does not depend on any type air conditioning or air circulation making it usable in almost any type of space.

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