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Teleflex Hem-o-lok® Ligation System

Product Description

The Hem-o-lok product line is an innovative cold ligation system that combines the security of a 2.0 suture with the speed of a metal clip for open and laparoscopic surgery.
The Hem-o-lok ligating clip was designed and developed in the United States. It provides safe and secure surgical hemostasis without the complications of using metallic materials. Teleflex Medical is and continues to be the leader of this product around the globe since the early 1990s. Every factor has been taken into account to make the Hem-o-lok a secure, safe and easy-to-use clip.
Other manufacturers’ clips may look the same, but the differences between the clips can affect functionality. For example:

Closure Gap of the Flexible Hinge

Minimum clip hinge gap space is found in the Hem-o-lok. The smaller the gap, the better the capability to capture different size vessels. The uniform inner curved design enhances the flexibility of the product to open, close or have a semi-close position.

Integrated Teeth

The Hem-o-lok clip has uniform teeth without gaps leading to a firm grasp of the vessel or tissue without trauma.

Closure with Confidence

The design of the Hem-o-lok assures that the functional closure of our clip is secure and even. The vessel in our clip is completely occluded, leaving no gaps.

Lead-in Penetration

The Hem-o-lok clip is designed to have an angled leading point rather than a round shape to assist in clip penetration through the tissue.

Product Features

1) Four sizes (M, ML, L, and XL) to ligate from 2mm to 16mm of vessel and/or tissue bundle
2) Ligate up to 10mm tissue through a 5mm trocar or up to 16mm through a 10mm trocar
3) Non-absorbable polymer locking clip is inert, non-conductive, CT/MRI compatible
4) Tactile feedback
5) Easy loading system
6) Flexible mechanism virtually eliminates clips falling out of the applier
7) Remover offers the option of unlocking the clip