A wide range of high-end surgical products from top manufacturers.

Operating Tables

The tables and accessories are modular, ergonomic and can be used across multiple disciplines. All the products supplied features different kinds of tables that can be configured as required. All tables provide optimum solutions in every surgical discipline and for every surgical requirement.

Operating Lights

World-class LED lighting provides shadow-free, true-colour illumination that enhances visibility in precise surgical procedures. Dependable, ergonomic and elegant, ideally suited to your needs.

MEDILAND: offers surgical light and examination light, wall-mounted & mobile, advanced LED series and traditional halogen series, and built-in and plug-in HD camera. All lighting systems produced are designed with outstanding appearance and high efficiency lighting source. Boasting high optical advantages of high illumination efficiency, low colour temperature, longer usage life, and faithful presentation of colours.

Cardio Vascular Instruments

The Pleur-Evac Chest Drainage System, the patented solution for thoracic, cardiovascular, trauma and critical care, uses the most advanced fluid management technology available. Accuracy, calibration, high suction control with visual indicators, patient air leak meters and color-coded needleless ATS connectors for patient blood sampling are some of the features that make Pleur-Evac the most trusted name in chest drainage.

Cardio Thoracic Instruments

Teleflex is well known for excellent Pilling® surgical instruments. Our instruments are backed by more than a century of experience.

Ligation Solutions

TELEFLEX: The Hem-o-lok Polymer Locking Ligation System provides cool ligation, lasting security, and the ability to place and remove clips as needed. Hem-o-lok clips are ideal for open and laparoscopic cases. The clips are made of non-absorbable polymer that is inert, nonconductive, radiolucent and does not intefere with CT, MRI or X-ray diagnostics. The Horizon and Hemoclip Metal Ligation Systems will satisfy surgeons’ needs for traditional metal ligating clips for use in cardiovascular and general surgery applications. Available in a range of sizes, surgeons have relied on Weck branded metal clips for generations.

Surgical Retractors

Our retractors is fastened to surgical table and it is intended for use during open surgical procedures in order to provide surgical access by retraction of soft and bony tissue in the specialties of General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Urology and Gynecology.